Who we are

Who we are

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      Black Sheep Stand Out. Words and feelings can deliver a hefty message. For reasons beyond my understanding, this phrase struck me like a bag full of bricks. I couldn't shake it. I've had my own ups and downs in life like most people certainly have. This new low of mine however, inspired me. On my own, but at this point in my life surrounded by people who love and care for me. The latter was something I felt, wasn't always the case...

      Rewind to 2018-2020, I struggled with being alone. I believe nobody was having a fun time for obvious reasons. To give you some context into my own personal journey without going too far in detail, refer to the prodigal son parable and copy-paste that to my life in addition to everything else. I was young and dumb, digging myself into plenty of bad situations. By the Grace of God I was able to pull through. Regardless of my own self inflicted faults and situations, this feeling of isolation and depression was still very much valid. Through the midst of that, there was this small voice calling me to pick my head up and move forward, no matter what. God, I wish that I knew why.

      I started to develop a healthier lifestyle by pushing myself to the limits. Eating healthy, working hard, watching good anime, and physical training. One of my new outlets that developed was kickboxing. Exhausted and still alone, at least I started to put myself out there. A few black eyes later, I met a few friends. One in particular was adamant about starting a friend group that would just so happen change my perspective on life forever. I was that person who "couldn't trust anyone again". But there I was, living a poetic comedy.

      Back to present day, I am currently looking for more purposeful ways to live the life that I yearn for rather than just clocking-in and clocking-out. I want to do something I'm deeply passionate about. How many lives could I help influence who are still living that dark/hazy life I once experienced?...

      Then came the idea for the brand! What if there was a symbol to state "I can understand some of what you are going through"? What if that turning point in my life could turn into a bigger inspiring movement? It's worth a shot. I've put a lot of time, money, thought, and prayer into this business. Whether this can become a career for me is secondary, pulling those from sad seclusion comes first. I'm just one person though, the rest of the mission is up to you...


Your brother and fellow Black Sheep,

Anthony O.

Founder of Black Sheep Stand Out LLC